Tagore 150
Commemorating 150th birth anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore

(The event was initially proposed by the Department of Sports, Govt. of West Bengal and the proposal was sent to MEA, Govt. of India. The initial date of the event was 13-16 May, 2010 – but due to local elections in West Bengal the same was postponed. Now the revised proposal is appended below. In the mean time international motor sports authority FIA, Indian motor sports authority FMSCI and Bangladesh Automobile Association have accorded support to the proposed event )

To be Supported By:               
(1) Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India
(2) National Committee for commemoration of 150th birth anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore
(3) Department of Cultural, Govt. of India
(4) Ministry of Information and Cultural Affairs, Govt. of Bangladesh

Proposed Organizer of the Event:        Friendship Car Rally Association, Kolkata
Back Ground:
In recent times, Cross-Country car rallies have opened up new horizons to develop closeness of people in Asian countries. 1st Indo ASEAN car Rally 2004, 1st SAARC Car Rally 2007, and consecutive Indo Bhutan Friendship Car Rally in 2007, 2009 & 2010 are some of the success stories in this regard.

2010 is the year to celebrate 150th birth anniversary of Kaviguru Rabindranath Tagore. People of India and Bangladesh are going to celebrate the occasion in a big way through several programmes and events.

Thus, a commemorative car rally is being organized, connecting “Shilaidaha” of Bangladesh with “Shantiniketan” and “Jorashanko” of India. The event will be aimed to connect three historical places associated with Rabindranath Tagore and also to connect people of both the countries to celebrate the great occasion.

Friendship Car Rally Association (FCRA) has the capability, experience and expertise for organizing such cross-country car rally. FCRA has organized three consecutive Indo Bhutan Friendship Car Rally successfully during last four years. The office-bearers of FCRA were also in the organizing committee of INDO ASEAN CAR RALLY 2004.

Brief outline of the proposed Event:
The Tagore 150 - INDIA BANGLADESGH MAITRI CAR RALLY thus being proposed as the commemorative international motor sport event to celebrate the great occasion.
The event will also be a continuity of friendship and brotherhood amongst two friendly neighbors.
The coming event will have road routes in Bangladesh and West Bengal, India. There shall be participations from both the countries, as competitors and officials of the event. In addition to the main motor sports event, it is proposed to have a commemorative cultural programme as well at the prize distribution ceremony at Kolkata, participated by the artists of both the countries.

Revised Dates of the event:                   29 September - 03 October, 2010

Tentative Programme of the Event:

29 Sep’ber, 2010, Wednesday:   Ceremonial Flag-Off from Kolkata from Rabindra Sadan
(For Indian competitors & officials)
Indian Competitors will go to Dhaka in a convoy and will reach Dhaka
in the late afternoon of the same day. Night stay at Dhaka.

30 Sep’ber, 2010, Thursday:       Technical formalities to be completed by the competitors of both the
Countries, i.e., vehicle scrutiny, documentations, Competitors briefing.

01 October, 2010, Friday:          Dhaka – Shilaidaha – Shantiniketan : 1st leg of the competitive rally
Start of the 1st leg of the rally from Dhaka in the morning.
Lunch (Passage Control) at Shilaidaha.
1st leg ends at Shantiniketan in the evening.

02 October, 2010, Saturday:      Shantiniketan – Jorashanko : 2nd leg of the competitive rally
Start of the 2nd  leg of the rally from Shantiniketan in the morning.
2nd leg ends at Jorashanko in the afternoon.

03 October, 2010, Sunday:        Prize Distribution in the evening at Netaji Indoor Stadium, Kolkata
followed by cultural programme participated by the artists
of both the countries.

Status of the event:                   International

Type of the Event:                     For 4 wheelers only, Time – Speed – Distance (TSD) format

Participant:                               Open class (Any standard Car can participate).
Each Car will have Two-Member Team
Highlights of the Event: 

  1. The event will be organized in a professional manner, with all safety norms and standard motor sporting regulations of Federation Internationale De’l Automobile (FIA).
  2. The rally route shall traverse through National Highways, State Highways, Dirt sectors and interior country roads.
  3. All the details of the event will be available in the website www.fcras.com – where all the relevant information of the event, on-line registration for the participants as well as for the officials and Supplementary Rules (SR) will be available.
  4. There shall be Prize money of approx Rs. 2.00 lakh.
  5. Special support will be required to be obtained from Ministry of External Affairs of both the Countries for smooth movements of the vehicles and participants across the international borders.  
  6. Wide national and international media coverage – electronic as well as print – will be organized.


                        AE 337, SALT LAKE, KOLKATA – 700 064, INDIA
                        PH: +91 33 23595339 / 65335928, FAX: +91 33 23374685
                        E-MAIL: bhutanrally@yahoo.com, WEB: www.fcras.com

Contact details: 

Jay P Majumdar

(Chief Organizer & COC)
Mobile: +91 9830068228

Pratim Chowdhury

(Chairman, Rally Committee)
Mobile: +91 9831027558

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